The New Album “Gators Grove” now available…

The Latest Release from Anthony Leon

So this whole thing started because I wanted to get some good videos of me playing my songs solo so I could get some better gigs down here in Florida. All of my promotional material was with The Chain and I needed something that could represent me solo acoustic. I got with Adam Sliger of Pioneer Sound and he gave me a nice price to record a show in his studio, but as I began to think about what songs I was going to do I started writing a new record. Before I knew it I had written an album of songs that kind fit nicely into this story I’ve been wanting to tell for so long. The story of a dreamer getting lost in his dreams and trying to find his way back home. And so now all of a sudden I wanted to make a live recording of new songs, and here we are!

My stomach has been in knots for three months worrying about it. Writing the songs, learning the songs, coming up with the dough, and worried about if all my fans would be satisfied with just an acoustic album. But as I launch today I feel very good about it. It’s personal and fun and I hope you enjoy! There will be a limited run of CDs for our Tour and for a CD release here in Florida. And eventually it will be on Spotify-iTunes-Pandora-Whatever, but to get it before you can buy it, you can get it here.